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 Vidya Gaems

 Imma assume I'm not alone in liking video games, so here's some vidya I've been playing recently-ish. I mostly play on my dilapidated PC (I'll upgrade you soon, promise!), or my hacked 3DS with an r4 flashcart for OG DS games (Guide for the former, here for the latter). At any rate:

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Shin Megami Tensei - Devil Surivor Overclocked

  A pretty good Tactical RPG with some LN elements. Tokyo is being assaulted by demons summmoned by devices legaly distinct from NDS'es, and you, along with your two frens, have been trapped in the quarentine, fighting to survive by summoning demons of your own. I've never played a Shin Megami Tensei game before so I can't speak for how good it is in relation to others in the series, but as it's own standalone game it's solid. Just remember to turn the voice acting off--the english dub is atrocious. Other than that, It's a good, and addicting, game.

There's a DS version but it's missing the epilougue apparently
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Shovel Knight

  Shovel Knight's an excellent platmormer. You play as Shovel Knight, trying to save your home from the Enchantress and her Order of No Quarter. You can also play as Plauge and Specter Knight in their own campaigns after you beat the main campaign. There's not much else to say, it's just a really really good platformer with excellent music, art, a fun story--definitely worth a try.

Probably some other things
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Touhou 7 - Perfect Cherry Blossom

  The seventh 2hu game. For the uninitiated, the Touhou series is a series of bullet hell games with insane bullet pattern, incredibly pretty music, and a lot of characters. In the case of #7, somebody has stolen spring from Gensokyo, leaving the land in eternal winter until one of the 3 heroines decides to take it back. I've beaten the game once with Sakuya so far, but I haven't managed to 1cc it yet so I haven't unlocked the Extra/Phanstasm stages. Soon. Maybe.

*nix via wine, in my case
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